Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to school, back to crazy

4th grade and Kindergarten. ::sob::
My boys went back to school on Tuesday so we are a few days into the new school year.  This year is bittersweet because my little guy is in Kindergarten.  Nothing tugs at your Mama heartstrings more than one of your babies starting school.
Lining up before school.  He'd already made a new "best friend" before they got inside :)
Back to school also means back to crazy.  The relaxed summer schedule we've had for the past three months is now replaced by early mornings and hectic evenings.  Gone are they days of waking up on your own time, days filled with fun at summer camp, evenings for playing and a relaxed bedtime (but not too relaxed because Mama still needs some quite time and an occasional glass of wine).  I know we are only a few days in but man, I cannot wait until we hit our stride.  School days are driving me batty.

For example, this is how a typical day during the school year can look like this:
6:00 am - I'm up.  Have to get ready before everyone else!
6:50 am - Tom is up.  Lucky bastard.  I guess when you don't have to blow out your hair, shave, tweeze and apply make-up you get almost an extra hour of sleep.
7:00 am -  Kids are up.
7:00 - 7:30 am - Kids get dressed, eat, put lunches in their back packs.
7:30 am - Off to school
7:40 am - Bell rings, drop offs done.  Off to work!
8:05 am - 4:30pm - Work, work, work, work and work
5:00 pm - Pick up kids
5:10 pm - Hit the door (here is where the real fun starts)
5:11 pm-10:00 pm - Get the kids a snack, start dinner (which usually involves some new recipe that I found that sounded easy but is quickly turning into a two hour event), start laundry, referee a fight or two, yell at the dog to quit barking/chewing on the kids/chewing on things that are not hers/, let the kids out to play, call the kids in for dinner, eat, try to ask about school and be greeted with blank stares and grunts, do dishes, forget laundry in the washer so you can re-wash it tomorrow, start homework time, pack lunches, get stumped on 4th grade math question neither you or your kid understands (seriously, wth?), go to scouts, get outfits ready for tomorrow, finish homework, start baths, referee another fight, finish baths,  mop up the bathroom floor and scrub the ring off the tub from crazy dirty kids, read, referee yet another fight, brush teeth, put kids in bed, field at least half a dozen trips out of their room (I need to pee, I need a blanket, I need a drink, I need to pee again), pick up so the house only looks partially trashed instead of full on destroyed, finally have two seconds to say hi to the mister, workout (we are going to Vegas in a month, its crunch time)
10:01 pm - Collapse into bed and get ready to do it all over again the next day.

Exhausted?  So am I.

If god forbid we have to run an errand the whole thing gets out of whack (as if its in control now) and I'm lucky if I get to bed before 11.  And to Tom's defense he is right beside me through all of this and does his fair share of the load.  Props to you single Moms out there, its hard to keep up and there are two of us. 

Eventually we settle into the crazy.  It becomes our new normal and we adapt.  I'm thinking of trying to figure out a way to make the evenings less stressful but so far its been exhausting just thinking of adding yet another item to the 5:00 - 10:00 time slot.  :)


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