Monday, February 4, 2013

It's about to get REAL

As usual, it’s been crazy. I keep waiting for things to slow down but it seems like they never do. This month is especially nutty for us because we have both the boys’ birthdays, parties and Tom leaves for an overseas trip. Ugh. January flew by fast, I can only imagine how fast February is going to go.

We finished up the kitchen and I will post pics soon. It turned out just the way we wanted it and are really happy with how it looks. We haven’t done many more projects since then. Long story short we gave up on listing this year. We were pretty sure this wasn’t the right time after much discussion and had pretty much shelved it for now. We hadn’t talked to a realtor but just felt like it wasn’t worth anyones time. We figured we’d take our time over the next year and try again. After all, that’s what we are used to. The mantra is always, “Maybe next year”.

Back up to this past Saturday night which involved a sleepover with a new friend of Chance’s and meeting his Mom who just happens to be a realtor. I can’t even remember how it came up in conversation other than she was commenting on how she works a lot, odd hours, etc and I asked her what she did. We weren’t even thinking of talking to a realtor (or at that point even trying to find one) but somehow one found us.

All I had to do was mention we were thinking of listing our house (honestly I think to a realtor that is like blood in the water to a shark). She is very interested, seemed very positive that we’d have a good outcome and wants to come take a look. Can’t hurt right? She said right now inventory is really low and anything that is coming on the market (that is priced right) is going very, very quickly. She’s already pulled comps for us that look very promising. She told us to start looking for a new place.

Tomorrow at 5:30 she is coming over to view the property and talk numbers. And then?

I am already about to throw up.

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